I’m knowledgeable in EVT, CVT, SLS, SS, and Bel Canto. I compared all of these vocal methods and systems with each other to find similarities, inconsistencies, flaws, etc., so that I can explain it in many different ways.
I completed two singing-related minors at the Rotterdam Conservatory: Musical Theater Per­formance and World Music Singing. Currently, I’m working on becoming a Cer­ti­fied Mas­ter Tea­cher of EVT.


I studied flamenco guitar at the Rotterdam Conservatory, along with jazz guitar as a side-subject. Prior to the conservatory, I played a lot of rock and (progressive) metal music, like Metallica, Extreme, Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, and Queen. I’ve been doing a lot of arranging for (classical) guitar—especially video game music. I am left-handed, but I play right-handed. I’m planning to relearn left-handed and see if it will make any difference.

Music Theory

My mathematical approach to everything I’m observing makes this subject very relatable when it comes to music. I dug deep into classical harmony, voice leading, analysis, and solfege. I’m currently studying Music Science at the University of Utrecht after realizing that in some ways I’m way too academic for a conservatory—which required other skills I was lacking. I hope I’m academic enough for the University, though. I think I will have a great time.

Web Design

This website is created using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. There’s still so much to learn for me, but I’m going to make a tutorial to start off creating your own slick website. I know there are thousands of pretty good tutorials online; that doesn’t stop me from creating one of my own… The Internet’s technology is advancing so fast, that it’s hard to keep up. It feels as if today’s tutorial is 10 years old after you just start reading it. Whoosh!!!


I had ‘drawing’ as a subject in high school. Prior to discovering my love for music, I drew a lot. Years later, I took an industrial drawing course at TU Delft’s faculty of Industrial Design En­gi­neer­ing. I’ve also studied typography and typesetting as part of my project of designing this website. I’m mainly skilled in technical drawings. Currently, I’m working on mastering Blender, a free, but high level 3D graphics software program.


Because of my wanting to produce authentic accents in foreign languages, I studied the Inter­national Phonetic Alphabet, or IPA. This system let’s you read vowels and consonants (phonetics), instead of words. You can write down the accent someone is using, or practice an accent other than your own, because you can isolate each vowel you’re producing. I use IPA especially in my vocal lessons and articles, because of its precision. I like precision.